Innovation at FAO

FAO believes that innovation is the central driving force for achieving a world free from hunger and malnutrition, where food and agriculture contribute to reducing poverty in an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable way.

Innovation is usually perceived as related to technology. In fact, innovation is broader than that. Innovation is the process whereby individuals or organisations bring new or existing products, processes or ways of organisation into use for the first time in a specific context to increase effectiveness, competitiveness and resilience with the goal of solving a problem.

Why Innovation matters?

FAO and the Government of Switzerland are calling on individuals, private companies or institutions to submit a nomination for one of the following categories before 28 February 2019.

  • Award for Digitalization and Innovation for Sustainable Food Systems (USD 40 000) - Innovations that impact more than one level of supply chain and strengthen the link between farmers and consumers
  • Award for Innovations that empower youth in agriculture and food systems (USD 20 000) - Innovations that empower youth (under 35) in agriculture and food systems

We want to hear how your innovation is contributing to the global effort to reach Zero Hunger. Download the nomination form, terms and conditions here.

FAO Digital Innovation harnesses the power of digital technologies to pilot, accelerate and scale innovative ideas with high potential for impact in food and agriculture, transforming digital solutions and services into global public goods. It aims to explore the responsible application and adoption of existing and frontier technologies, design and scale new services, tools and approaches to empower rural households, and inspire youth entrepreneurship in food and agriculture.


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