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Post-harvest Compendium

The Post-harvest Compendium covers the key issues in post-harvest operations or post-production activities for staples and other food crops. It is designed to provide technical, updated information about how, when and what is done after production of the crops in different communities around the world.

Information on other aspects associated with post-harvest activities are also included such as:-

  • tools and basic equipment involved in production and postproduction
  • main causes of losses
  • pest control
  • socio-economic issues
  • gender issues
  • commercialisation
  • nutritional value
  • processing techniques
  • by-products
  • product quality

The information on specific crops and post-harvest information have been prepared by crops experts under the supervision of recognised institutions such as IRRI, CIAT, INDDA, APCC, ICAR, IITA, ITver, CIAD and others.This information will provide global support to post-harvest activities, and will improve food security.

Any comments or recommendations relevant to the Compendium are most welcome. Please submit these through the Contact page.

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