FAO launches the first-ever global report on the state of biodiversity that underpins our food systems
Nearly 7 million people expected to be in acute food insecurity at the height of lean season
At high-level UN meeting with mayors and urban food policy representatives, FAO Director-General calls for transforming food systems to offer healthy and nutritious food for everyone
Graziano da Silva speaks at University of California Law School

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FAO sounds alarm on Desert Locust outbreak in northeast Africa and Saudi Arabia triggered by heavy rains

The UN agency called on all the affected countries to step up vigilance and control measures to contain the destructive infestations and protect crops from the world's most dangerous migratory pest.


Pope Francis calls for technological innovations to fight poverty and hunger

Pope Francis today called for advances in innovation and entrepreneurship to transform rural communities and eradicate malnutrition, stating that "science with conscience" was needed to help the world’s poor and hungry. He made the call at the inaugural ceremony of the 42nd IFAD Governing Council hosted at FAO.


FAO and Saudi Arabia renew fruitful cooperation

FAO and Saudi Arabia today agreed to renew their long-standing technical cooperation and to redouble joint efforts to implement the country’s Sustainable Rural Agricultural Development Programme (2019-2025).