Director-General says it stresses need to protect agriculture and local food systems in conflict areas
First World Bee Day to be observed on 20 May 2018
FAO chief also calls for action to stimulate healthy diets and to curb food loss and waste
Goal is to strengthen support for agricultural cooperatives, promote inclusive growth and responsible investment in agriculture, and the SDGs

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FAO chief says building rural communities' resilience is crucial in conflict-ridden Near East

Even in conflict situations, there is much we can do, to keep local food systems functioning and bring hope to affected populations. We need to keep farmers on their farms producing food," Graziano da Silva said at the opening of FAO's Regional Conference for the Near East which is being attended by ministers and other top officials from more than 30 countries.


Making forest concessions more transparent, accountable and pro-poor

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) launched today the first voluntary guidelines for forest concessions in the tropics to make concessions more transparent, accountable and inclusive - all for the benefit of some of the poorest and most isolated communities in the world.


“Think big” to make global food trade work for nutrition

Global trade in food is essential for all countries, but the world’s trade and regulation rulebook needs to be rebooted with an eye to bolstering trade in food that is healthy and nutritious rather than simply cheap, FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva said while presenting an IFPRI report.