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The ENACT course in nutrition education

The ENACT course was developed between 2011 and 2015 by FAO’s Nutrition and Food Systems Division in partnership with African academic institutions, with support from the German Federal Ministry for Food and Agriculture (BMEL). It is one of the main outputs of a project aimed at increasing professional capacities in nutrition education. 

This course has been developed to introduce participants to the principles and practice of “education for effective nutrition in action” (ENACT). ENACT aims at promoting long-term improvements in diet through an active, hands-on approach based on identified needs, with attention to social and environmental contexts, all relevant sectors and the whole food cycle (production, processing, marketing, consumption).

The course materials and cases mostly relate to Africa but the broad principles and activities are relevant to any country which needs to upgrade capacity in this field. The course is pitched at undergraduate level; however it is relevant all who have or will have the professional need to handle nutrition education in some form, such as students of nutrition in universities and medical schools, agriculturists, district nurses, health service managers, rural development or community workers, IEC specialists, NGO staff and teachers.

An online version of the course has also been developed and trialed.