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Senaapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation

Acronym: SKCRF
Region: Asia
Country: India
Address: Kuttappalayam, Kangayam Taluka, Tiruppur District, Tamilnadu 638108
Phone number: + 91 4257294234
Email address: mail@kangayambull.com

Organization profile

Type of Organization: National/local civil society organization
Number of members: 397
Objective: To raise awareness about the Kangayam breed and its uniqueness. To provide pedigree and stud animals to needy pastoralists and groups. To contribute tothe debate on Animal Genetic Resources (AGR) and influence state policies. To explore ways and means to protect and use Korangadu silvi-pastoral system for the conservation of Kangayam breed. To undertake studies or enable individuals and institutions to work on Kangayam breed and Korangadu. To associate with individuals and organizations involved in conservation and sustainable use of agro-biodiversity and strengthen its cause. To explore ways to use the Kangayam breed in the modern context.

Areas of work

Information services
Vocational training

Secondary informations

Location of interventions: Tamil Nadu
Communities covered: Konar, Lingayat, Kongu
Networks / partners: South Asian Pastoralist Alliance (SAPA)

First contact person

First name: Karthikeya
Family name: Sivasenapathy
Email: karthikeyaksm@gmail.com
Phone number: +91 9994433456

Second contact person

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