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Right to Food and HIV/AIDS

"Focus on" Series, 2007.
HIV/AIDS makes people more vulnerable to food insecurity; in fact, food insecurity makes them even more susceptible to full-blown AIDS. This paper addresses the right to food and HIV/AIDS in regard to the Human Rights-Based Approach, The Right to Adequate Food and the Right to Food Guidelines.
Available in English, Español, Français.

Food Security and Nutrition,Obligations,International Law,Empowerment,Policy,Advocacy,Educational Tools

Legislate for the Right to Food

"How to" Series, 2007.
Legislative measures for the implementation of the human right to adequate food are highlighted both in the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and in the Right to Food Guidelines. The three distinct legislative areas to consider, constitutional provisions, framework law and sectoral legislation, are briefly explained in this paper. Available in English, Español, Français.

Legal Issues,Entitlements,International Law,National Legislation,Obligations,Recourse Mechanisms,Advocacy,Educational Tools

The right to adequate food in emergencies

FAO Legislative Study, Number 77, 2003.
The purpose of this study is to clarify the meaning of the right to adequate food with specific regard to emergency situations including both natural and man-made disasters. The study identifies and analyses the applicable principles rules and standards of international law related to the right to food in emergency situations.
Available in English and Español.

Legal Issues,Obligations,International Law

Gender and Law - Women's Right in Agriculture

FAO Legislative Study, Number 76, 2002. Revised version, 2007.
This study focuses on the gender dimension of agriculture-related legislation, examining the legal status of women in three key areas. The result is an analysis identifying the main legal and some non-legal factors that affect the existence and exercise of women’s agriculture-related rights.
Available in English, Español, Français.

Legal Issues,Empowerment,International Law,Obligations
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