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Brief, 2020.
This brief explains the linkages between the Right to Food Guidelines and the Voluntary Guidelines for Securing Sustainable SmallScale Fisheries (SSF Guidelines), two policy instruments that have similar roots and objectives. It analyses areas that provide major opportunities for synergies in their implementation, particularly in certain areas. This document also presents three cases at country level and recommends actions addressed to different actors. 

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Keywords: Policy

This video offers a highlight of the Committee on World Food Security and its work promoting policy convergence and coherence on global food security and nutrition.

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Legal brief for parliamentarians in Latin America and the Caribbean,  No. 2, 2020.
Food and nutrition security and the right to adequate food are multidimensional and cross-sectoral in nature. Their realization cuts across economic, social, cultural, environmental and political life and is intrisincally linked to that of other human rights.  

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Legal brief for parliamentarians in Latin America and the Caribbean No.1, 2020.
The inclusion of the right to food in the constitution not only complies with international provisions and obligations, but also enables the judicial control of all national legislation that is incompatible with it and establishes the right to reparation for those who have violated their access to feeding. 

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Legal Brief for parliamentarians in Latin America and the Caribbean No.3, 2020.
School feeding laws are important instruments for the realization of the right to adequate food, the right to education, and the right to health of the schoolchildren. In addition, they fulfill a social function guaranteeing access to food of the most vulnerable children in school and the school attendance.

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Keywords: National legislation

Report, 2020.
This reports sets out an analytics and conceptual framework and suggest strategic orientations for a radical transformation of food systems. It calls for urgent and radical reforms are needed to guarantee the fundamental human right to adequate food for all

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The starting point fod defining how responsible investment in agriculture and food systems can contribute to food security and nutrition is the recognition and respect for human rigts. To this end, it is necessary to improve the enabling environment and strengthen capacities to enhance responsible investments by and for all the stakeholders, while taking particular attention to the needs of vulnerable groups such as youth.


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Keywords: Food security analysis - Public budget analysis - Food security and nutrition
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