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Right to Food Assessment Philippines – Social Protection to Secure the Right to Food of Every Filipino (3/3)

Report, 2010. Component 3/3.
This third component focuses on two main areas of concern
1) Long run food sustainability and 2) Immediate food requirements.

Available in English.

Analysis,Food Security and Nutrition,Food Security Analysis

Fighting Hunger: The Right to Food Way
Right to Food Assessment in Bhutan: Looking at policies, legal framework and institutions

Paper, 2010.
This report provides background information about Bhutan and a summary of the essential elements of the right to food concept followed by an analysis of the household level food security status and its driving factors. Furthermore, an analysis of the policy, institutional and legal framework relevant to food security governance and accountability mechanisms at national and sub-national levels and future recommendations are provided. Available only in English.

Food Security and Nutrition,Food Security Analysis,Situation Analysis,Legal Issues,Assessment,National Legislation

The Right to Adequate Food

Joint FAO-OHCHR Fact Sheet No. 34, 2010.
This Fact Sheet explains what the right to adequate food is, illustrates its implications for specific individuals and groups, and elaborates upon State parties’ obligations with respect to this human right. The Fact Sheet also provides an overview of national, regional and international accountability and monitoring mechanisms.
Available in English, Français, Español, 中文, العربية

Training,Advocacy,Legal Issues,International Law,Food Security and Nutrition

Right to Food Assessment Checklist

Assessment tool, 2010. 
It is important that states conduct comprehensive assessments to identify the percentage of food insecure in the country, where they are and why they are deprived of their right to food. Such assessments will help countries to obtain the necessary information to design longer term right to food strategies. The Right to Food Team and a group of experts came together to discuss experiences made so far in right to food assessments. Available only in English.

Assessment,Policy,Empowerment,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Toolkit for Assessing the Right to Food at District Level in Uganda

Assessment tool, 2010. 
This toolkit is intended for use by the Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC) to assess aspect of the right to food and guide the assessment of the realization of the right to food at the district levels in Uganda. The toolkit also comes with “A Guide on Conducting a Right to Food Assessment at District Level in Uganda”, which provides more explanations useful for the application of the toolkit. Available only in English.

Assessment,Policy,Empowerment,Food Security and Nutrition,Strategy

Right to food in the cities: focus on Mexico legislation

Flyer, 2010.
This “Right to food in the cities” flyer focuses on the legislation of Mexico
and the law on food security and nutrition in Mexico Federal district.
Available only in English.

Legal Issues,Monitoring,Food Security and Nutrition

The Right to Food and Access to Justice

Right to Food Study, 2009.
This Right to Food Study outlines a range of concrete examples to demonstrate that access to justice is possible and useful to protect the victims of violations of the right to food. The study also lays out the legal systems in which the access to justice is possible, and address the remaining gaps in other legal systems.
Available in English, Français, Español, Português.

Legal Issues,International Law,Food Security and Nutrition,Obligations,Recourse Mechanisms

Right to Food: Value Added for Food Security Work and Priorities for Action

Flyer, 2009.
This flyer focuses on the right to food guidelines and food security and explains the value added of the right to food. In addition, the flyer also clarifies a framework for action. Available in English.

Policy,Coordination,Food Security and Nutrition,Empowerment,Advocacy

Right to Food FORUM Newsletter N°5

Newsletter N°5 - February 2009.
This newsletter aims to give a voice to the hungry and to all those who are involved in assisting their plight. It aims to strengthen governments in their efforts to make the right to food a reality for all. This Special Edition of the Right to Food Team Newsletter focuses on the outcomes of the Right to Food Forum, which proved to be a starting point for a progressive movement aiming at strengthening the implementation of the Right to Food. Available in English, Español, Français.

Capacity Development,Advocacy,Food Security and Nutrition,Monitoring,Assessment,Legal Issues

The Right to Food Guidelines and Indigenous People:
an Operational Guide

Right to Food Study, 2009.
This Guide aims to assist indigenous peoples and their organizations on how to use the Voluntary Guidelines to promote their own interests in the area of food security.
Available only in English.

Monitoring,Targets,Methodologies,Policy,Food Security and Nutrition
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