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TCP Manual - Managing the Decentralized TCP WORD document (1.3Mb) - December 2009
The TCP Manual, applicable since 1 January 2010, contains the guidelines for formulation, approval, implementation and revision of TCP projects. It includes the Standard Project Document format for TCP projects and all the forms that are needed to process a TCP project proposal. This Manual reflects the decision of the FAO Governing Bodies to decentralize a large share of the management of the TCP to FAO Representatives, Subregional Coordinators and Regional Representatives.

E-learning CD-Rom - September 2009
E-learning course on the decentralized TCP process applicable since 1 January 2010.

TCP Step-by-step instructions (1.7Mb) - May 2011
The step-by-step instructions are a tool to be used by staff of the FAO Representations, Subregional and Regional Offices directly involved in the TCP project cycle management through the use of the Field Programme Management Information System (FPMIS). It contains detailed explanations on how to carry out the most common data entry processes in FPMIS.

TCP projects stories – Communication material PDF file (640 Kb) – October 2008

TCP projects stories – Communication material PDF file(1.80 Mb) – September 2005

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