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Singer Mory Kanté


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"I will work with people from different cultures and will travel to different countries to give people the possibility to help each other. The whole world needs to mobilize against hunger and poverty," said West African singer Mory Kanté when he was appointed FAO Ambassador on World Food Day 2001.

Mr Kanté, whose style blends traditional West African music with Western pop, funk, house and techno, was born into a family of griots -- a caste of poets, singers and story-tellers in traditional Mandingo culture -- in Guinea. He has played all over the world and performed in several movie soundtracks, including the soundtrack for the recent film "The Beach" staring Leonardo di Caprio. Mr Kanté has dedicated much time and energy to cultural and social initiatives in Western Africa.

Since his appointment, Mory Kanté has starred in several television programmes and radio broadcasts speaking extensively about his role as an FAO Ambassador and advocate.

In June 2002, Mory Kanté attended the World Food Summit: Five Years Later and spoke extensively about his role as FAO Ambassador during a press conference organized on the occasion.

In July 2003, Mory Kanté has dedocated a cpmcert tp FAO in Helsinki, Finland.


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