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Singer Miriam Makeba


Singer Miriam MakebaTo view click here
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"In every community, in every nation, people are doing little and big things to help make a better world. Think of what has been accomplished to date: space exploration; satellite communications; heart transplants. Today, we have managed to do what previous generations never dreamed of. But, you see, today, around the world, 820 million people still don't have enough to eat. And it doesn't have to be this way."

Singer Miriam Makeba, the legendary Mama Africa, appointed an FAO Ambassador in 1999, has a longstanding commitment to humanitarian issues. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, her fearless campaigning against inequality and injustice has added to the worldwide fame she had already won for her vocal talents. Ms Makeba has travelled throughout Africa to give voice to millions of suffering people. Drawing on her own funds, she set up a foundation in Johannesburg to care for needy young South African women.

Ms Makeba dedicated a song, Masakahane, to FAO and has participated in various events and concerts organized by FAO, such as the Jamaica and Spain TeleFood concerts in 1999. In April 2001, Ms. Makeba visited FAO post-emergency projects in Mozambique, increasing the visibility and impact of FAO’s activities in Africa.  Click to view video from the visit.

Ms Makeba has also been a strong FAO advocate during interviews with CNN and BBC.

In 2001 and 2002, an FAO public service announcement featuring Miriam Makeba was published on major international magazines and newspapers such as Time Magazine and Newsweek.

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