The Zero Hunger Challenge illustrated for kids


Milan, 30 May 2015. The UN-Expo Team are excited to announce the completion of the illustrated UN Space in the Children’s Park at the Expo Milan 2015 site, kindly created by Lorenzo Terranera in collaboration with UNICEF Italia.

The illustrations of this UN Space – one of the 18 spoons that make up the UN Itinerary – are all dedicated to the youngest visitors of Expo Milano 2015 and are the result of the close collaboration between the UN-EXPO, UNICEF and Lorenzo Terranera and explain the Zero Hunger Challenge in a way that is accessible and appropriate for kids. Lorenzo Terranera offered his services pro-bono to create a set of wonderful and vivid illustrations that accurately interpret the Zero Hunger Challenge, along with   

After being briefed on the Zero Hunger Challenge, Lorenzo Terranera created new versions of the icons of the zero UN Theme for Expo plus Women’s empowerment and gender equality. The objective is to engage kids and make them take up the Zero Hunger Challenge and do their part In order to eradicate hunger and get to zero.

The artist painted pro-bono the UN Space on 28 and 29 April and a video on his job was produced by B5 Productions and is available on Vimeo. To learn more on Lorenzo Terranera's work, visit his homepage.

These illustrations create an evocative frame for the multimedia content dedicated to children, including cartoons produced by UNICEF and the "Leonardo Expo" series especially produced for Expo Milano 2015 by Gruppo Alcuni and Rai Fiction in collaboration with UNESCO and FAO.

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