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Democratic Republic of the Congo

After discovering the YUNGA Badges manuals on the website www.scout.org, and convinced of their relevance in the environmental education of young scouts, the heads of the Scout Group RUZIZI quickly submitted the request for a dozen printed manuals from the YUNGA Team. As of June 2015, the Scout group RUZIZI began a programme called "Mazingira bora" (a group of Swahili words that when translated into English mean "A Healthy Environment"). The programme is a series of outreach activities to publicise the YUNGA manuals to the scout leaders and guides of three groups from Goma so that they can integrate the YUNGA activities in the practices that are commonly performed by young scouts and girl guides. This programme will reach 1000 children and young people ranging in age from 8 to 20 years.

Every three months, the beneficiaries of these textbooks meet to discuss the successes and challenges they experience in the integration process of the manuals in the youth programme.

Content sharing session of the YUNGA Badges held in Goma, on June 7, 2015
YUNGA activities in Goma