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Aboard the EAF-Nansen

A month-long research voyage along the African coast and deep seas

21 Jan 2015

Join us virtually on the Dr Fridtjof Nansen, a marine research vessel, as it embarks on a month-long cruise departing from Cape Town, South Africa, to conduct scientific research in the deep seas of the Southeast Atlantic Fisheries Organization (SEAFO) convention area before arriving at Walvis Bay, Namibia. 

Since 1975, FAO and the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation have collaborated with the Norwegian Institute of Marine Research to carry out joint research under a series of projects today known as the EAF-Nansen project. The aim of the joint work is to improve knowledge on marine resources and ecosystems in support of sustainable utilization.

Edoardo Mostarda from FAO will be blogging along the journey and providing us with an inside glimpse of life on a research vessel as they carry out important scientific research in the Southeast Atlantic area.

SEAFO, in partnership with FAO through the FAO Deep-seas programme and the EAF-Nansen Project, is working to add to existing research and retrieve new information on vulnerable marine ecosystems and increase its knowledge about fish resources currently harvested in the area. Researchers onboard the research vessel Dr Fridtjof Nansen will help achieve these objectives.

Join us on this voyage, learn what it’s like to be a scientist on-board, and ask your questions to the international scientists taking part on this voyage.

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