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Have you ever wondered how #hunger is measured?
18/02/2015 - Eight questions help provide the answer
6 incredible plants you might not have heard of
04/02/2015 - Discover these tasty, nutritious crops and include them in your diet!
Aboard the EAF-Nansen
21/01/2015 - A month-long research voyage along the African coast and deep seas
It’s about time we talk about soil!
08/01/2015 - Get involved and share these facts with one click!
 Family farming is part of the solution to the hunger problem
24/12/2014 - More than 90% of farms are run by an individual or a family and they produce about 80% of the world's food occupying around 70-80% of farm land
We can’t live without forests
10/12/2014 - Forest environments play a key role in feeding a growing population
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