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World Food Day 2013 to promote healthy food systems
27/09/2013 - FAO will use World Food Day this year to promote one of the five pillars of Zero Hunger Challenge.
Zero Hunger is possible ‘within our lifetimes’
24/09/2013 - FAO Director-General José Graziano da Silva underlined his firm belief that a hunger-free world is possible "within our lifetimes," during high-level talks in New York.
Asia-Pacific campaign targets reduced food losses
29/08/2013 - FAO and its partners have launched an initiative aimed at cutting food waste across the Asia-Pacific region. Save Food Asia-Pacific Campaign targets losses both straight after harvest and between the market and people’s plates.
Field tests under way for new hunger-measuring tool
20/08/2013 - FAO has begun field tests for a new approach to measuring hunger and food insecurity – part of a collaboration with polling specialists Gallup, Inc.
Report: eradicate hunger and malnutrition
05/06/2013 - Eradicating hunger must be accompanied by strenuous efforts to end malnutrition and its devastating effects
Waste less food – and help end hunger
03/06/2013 - Wednesday 5 June marks World Environment Day and an opportunity for everyone to take action on the critical issue of food waste and losses
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