Tuesday, 5th December 2017 from 13.45 to 15.00, Sheikh Zayed Centre
Buffet lunch will be available from 13:15 hours onwards in the Flag Hall for participants of the side event.

FAO Technical Committees and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development


Since 2015, the FAO Technical Committees have embarked on strengthening collaboration and coordination. During their respective sessions in 2016 three common topics were discussed (the 2030 Agenda, FAO’s Climate Change Strategy and the Follow-up to ICN2) with a view to enhancing collaboration and providing coordinated inputs to the FAO Council Conference. The Committees also gave guidance for their members placing strong emphasis on strengthening the cross-sectoral dimensions.

The event will be conducted in the form of a panel discussion consisting of speakers representing the Organization and the Technical Committees. Panel members will describe the role of FAO in the broader SDG landscape, the ways Technical Committees have helped enhance FAO’s role, and finally, how FAO is implementing the guidance received. The panel presentation will be followed by an interactive discussion between panel members and the audience.

Objective and expected outcome of the side event:

The objective of the event is to describe FAO’s role in the broader SDG landscape, present the initiatives of the Committees in strengthening the efforts to provide a coordinated input to FAO to address the 2030 Agenda, describe the results of these endeavours, and to receive input and further ammunition for enhancing coordination and collaboration.

The expected outcome is a better understanding of the progress made and the opportunities and challenges encountered, as well as the impact of these on the work of the Organization.

The event will be organized jointly by the Secretaries of the FAO Technical Committees (Committee on Agriculture, Committee on Commodity Problems, Committee on Fisheries and Committee on Forestry).

Responsible offices:

Committee on Agriculture, Committee on Commodity Problems, Committee on Forestry, Committee on Fisheries


English, French, Spanish


Yasmina Bouziane, Deputy Director, OCC

Provisional Programme:


Introduction by the Moderator


Opening address by Ms Maria Helena Semedo, Deputy Director-General, Climate and Natural Resources


The role of FAO Technical Committees


  • H.E. François Pythoud,Chairperson of COAG
  • Mr Khaled El TAWEEL,Chairperson of CCP
  • H.E. Johannes Petrus Hoogeveen, Vice- Chairperson of COFI
  • Ms Christine Farcy, Vice-Chairperson of COFO


Translating guidance into action: How FAO is assisting countries - Mr Clayton Campanhola, Strategic Programme Leader, Sustainable Agriculture


Facilitated discussion (by the Moderator)


Closing remarks by Ms Maria Helena Semedo


Twitter hashtag:

#CL158; #2030Agenda