FAO Council

164th Session
Rome, 6-10 July 2020



Please submit your Statement to [email protected], at least one hour before delivery, to ensure accuracy of interpretation. Interpreters will treat any statements as confidential and check on delivery.

Order of the Day

An Order of the Day will be circulated in all languages of the Organization, the evening before the schedule of meetings to which that Order of the Day refers. Participants will be notified through this app when the Order of the Day has been circulated and can access it on the home screen of the app.

Drafting Committee

The Drafting Committee will meet in a separate Zoom meeting after the conclusion of the discussion of all items.

Verbatim Records

Please note that corrections to Verbatim Records may be submitted to the Verbatim Team at [email protected] by 24 July 2020.

Officers of the Council

Chairperson of the Drafting Committee
Mr Benito Santiago Jiménez Sauma (Mexico)

Officers of the Council

Composition of the Drafting Committee:
Costa Rica
Russian Federation
South Sudan
United States of America

Officers of the Council Secretariat of the 164th Session of the Council

Director-General: Mr QU Dongyu
[email protected]

Directeur de Cabinet: Mr Godfrey Magwenzi
[email protected]

Secretary-General of the Council: Mr Rakesh Muthoo
[email protected]

Assistant Secretary-General: Ms Lauren Hales
[email protected]