FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC)


30th Session - Antalya, Turkey, 4 - 6 May 2016

The 30th session of the FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC) is open to all FAO Members from Europe and Central Asia region, to representatives of the United Nations Bodies and Specialized Agencies, and also to selected Observers. 

The ERC Ministerial Roundtable on Wednesday, 4 May, will debate on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their implications for agriculture and rural development in Europe and Central Asia. FAO’s preliminary mapping of alignment of its Strategic Objectives with the SDG Goals and targets demonstrates the closeness of the Organization’s new Strategic Framework to the SDGs. It reveals excellent potential for FAO to substantially contribute to the implementation of the SDGs, providing comprehensive policy advice, implementing programmes, supporting the monitoring of progress. The background document for the item will provide recommendations and suggestion for adaptation of agriculture and rural development policies to ensure integration of the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Another main topic for discussion at the ERC on Thursday, 5 May, will be the Priorities for FAO’s work in the region. The trends, development objectives and challenges of the region will be presented, highlighting points of importance for priority setting in the next programming cycle as preparation for the Medium-Term Plan 2018-21. 

The ERC will be preceded by two other important events:

  • Consultation of the Civil Society Organizations on 2-3 May 2016, and
  • Committee on World Food Security (CFS) multi-stakeholder dialogue on 3 May 2016

Both of the above events will be held at the same location as the ERC.

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