The Global Dialogue on Family Farming

The Global Dialogue on Family Farming

27-28 October 2014 FAO Headquarters, Rome

Throughout  2014 – the International Year of Family Farming, a series of multi stakeholder policy dialogue fora have highlighted the present and potential contribution of family farmers to eradicating poverty, safeguarding the environment, and  nurturing our planet.

The response has been so enormous with thousands of initiatives at national level, and many others to follow in every corner of the world,that it is even hard to follow.

At the regional and international level, a long list of events has unfolded too, confirming the great success of the IYFF: to have started a widespread pro-family farming mobilization and policy dialogue process that wouldn’t have happened in the absence of the International Year.

This journey has improved our understanding of the challenges facing family farmers in different social, economic and ecological settings. It has emphasized the importance of identifying the right policies to empower family farmers, and thus, to enhance their productivity and to secure their access to and use of natural resources.

What will happen during the Global Dialogue on Family Farming?

As the IYFF enters its final phase, the Global Dialogue on Family Farming (GDFF), will bring together government representatives, family farmers and their organizations, civil society, private sector, academia and development agencies, to take stock of the momentum created and set the tone for a pro-family farming agenda for action post-2014.

The GDFF will take place on 27-28 October 2014 in the Red Room at FAO Headquarters in Rome. 

How to attend and participate during the Global Dialogue?

FAO invites all interested Civil Society Organizations, Private Sector, Cooperatives, Academia and Research institutions to attend the Global Dialogue who will be held in FAO premises in Rome on the 27 and 28th October.

For those organizations who cannot physically attend the meeting but are interested in the discussions, they can follow through live streaming. The live streaming of the event will be available and the hashtag #iyff14 can be used by the general public to have their say at the Global Dialogue.

If your Organization wishes to attend, please contact: [email protected]

Should your Organization wished to deliver a statement, please contact: [email protected]