Randy Duckworth

Randy Duckworth is Executive Director of the Global Pulse Confederation (formerly known as CICILS/IPTIC).  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business/Finance and a law degree from Seattle University School of Law.  Since graduating from law school Randy has specialized in agricultural association management, international food marketing and food assistance programs.  He has overseen marketing, promotion and research activities in over 75 countries and specializes in establishing market linkages between producers, processors, exporters and buyers or food manufacturers.  He was formerly a member of the USDA Food Aid Consultative Group.  As former Chairman of Protected Harvest - a group that promotes and certifies agriculture production and marketing practices - he has experience in the areas of agricultural productivity and sustainability.  Randy is a new representative to the International Agri-Food Network (IAFN) and active in their Private Sector Mechanism (PSM) role with UN Committee on World Food Security.