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FAO is a centre of information and knowledge. Discover our wide range of digital learning resources, such as the activity book series for youth and other publications, and learn more about the Organization's vast field of work. 

Children's activity books

If you are an educator, parent, guardian, or university student, or simply interested in learning more about food security, sustainable agriculture and related topics, download our activity books for youth. Packed with activities and true stories about young people around the world who are taking action, the series explains complex issues in a fun and engaging way.  

These multilingual books are aimed at a broad age range of young people to empower and encourage them to play a role in building a sustainable world where everyone has enough nutritious food. They are mainly intended for children between the ages of 8 and 12, but they can be a valuable teaching aid for younger and older students.

Download all of the books in the series!


New junior activity books for young minds 

Take your young ones on an enriching journey of discovery with our new captivating activity books, specially designed for youth aged 5 and above. Explore global issues, empower and nurture their sense of empathy and curiosity as you navigate these big concepts together. This edition of activity books is meant as a learning exercise to inspire the young minds of tomorrow to take action and create a brighter future. 

Climate action. Maria's story 

Read the first book of the new edition, "Climate action. Maria's story." with your young ones and embark on an inspiring adventure to a coastal fishing community.  

Together, you can discover practical ways to make a difference in our changing climate. 



Junior World Food Day music videos 

Launched on the occasion of the first edition of Junior World Food Day in 2021, the Junior World Food Day music video has become an integral part of FAO's approach to raising awareness among youth. Students, from diverse backgrounds work together to sing and participate in the video. Through music, young people from around the world are learning to become change-makers and advocates for a more sustainable world.

Download the songs
Leave No One Behind

Water is life, water is food

Video animations for youths

Each World Food Day, different themes of the campaign come to life in video animation to encourage young people to participate in the World Food Day Poster Contest. They promote worldwide awareness for those who suffer from hunger and the need to ensure healthy diets for all while inspiring young people with simple everyday actions we can each take to make a difference.

Visit the World Food Day website to enter this year's Poster Contest!

FAO Presentation

Whether you're an educator, student, researcher, or curious mind, explore this digital presentation about FAO for an inside look at how the Organization operates as a specialized agency of the United Nations, its history and mandate, as well as its field projects and programmes.

In this digital experience, you'll get a chance to learn about FAO's art collection, while also learning about the importance of its interesting architectural spaces where world leaders meet to transform knowledge into action.


Additional resources

Read more about FAO’s work and research on a wide range of subjects, such as nutrition, climate change, food waste, migration, rural development, and food security, to name a few. Learn about various actions people can take to change the future of food and agriculture, and how you can play a part in building a sustainable world. 

FAO elearning Academy


The FAO elearning Academy provides learning opportunities and multilingual elearning courses for professionals working in food and nutrition security, social and economic development, and sustainable management of natural resources, with the overall goal of strengthening the capacity of member countries to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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