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EMPRES Contingency Planning Seminar: Participants
There were 13 participants: one from each of the EMPRES countries (Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen) except for northern Somalia. In most cases, these participants were the EMPRES Liaison Officers except for Saudi Arabia (the Locust Information Officer) and Egypt (two locust officers). Two donors (Netherlands and GTZ), FAO (C. Elliott) and EMPRES (C. Pantenius) also participated. Technical input was prepared and presented by Phil Symmons. Two enablers, K. Cressman (FAO) and M. Butrous (CRC), conducted the seminar.
EMPRES Locust countries Ali Shaheen (Egypt)
Said Al Mogdy (Egypt)
Baraka (Eritrea)
Elias Felege (Ethiopia)
Abdullah Damarki (Oman)
Mohamed Al-Harbi (Saudi Arabia)
Rabie Al-Khalil (Sudan)
Adel Al-Shabani (Yemen)
Donors Hans Wilps (Germany)
Arnold van Huis (The Netherlands)
FAO Clive Elliott (HQ)
Christian Pantenius (EMPRES)
Enablers Munir Butrous (EMPRES)
Keith Cressman (FAO)
Technical Phil Symmons

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The seminar venue: Locust Centre, Borg Al Arab

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The seminar participants