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Central Region

FAO/WMO locust meteorology
FAO/WMO regional workshop on meteorological information needed for locust monitoring and control (Oman, April 2006)

Advanced training in RAMSES, eLocust2 and remote sensing for National Locust Information Officers in the Central Region (Egypt, March 2006)

Master Trainers Course on Desert Locust Survey, Control and Training Skills (2002)
Regional workshop to train nationally designated Master Trainers in locust survey, control and training skills (Oman, October 2002)

Contingency Planning
Regional workshop on contingency planning in EMPRES/CR countries to discuss the concepts, components and constraints of planning for locust emergencies (Egypt, February 2002)

Master Trainers Course on Desert Locust Survey and Control (2000)
Train the Trainers Course on Locust Survey and Control (Oman, January 2000)

Desert Locust Survey
Regional Training course on Desert Locust Survey (Yemen, March 1998)