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Locust Emergency Response Toolkit

Countries and international agencies are in many cases unable to deal effectively with locust crises in their early critical stages. Consequently, assistance to reinforce the national capacities is often delayed, inadequate equipment is provided and the administrative and logistical back-up capacity on the ground is overwhelmed by the events. In this scenario, the Locust Emergency Response Toolkit (eLERT) provides operational support in order to improve the timeliness of locust emergency response.

The eLERT is a dynamic and interactive online database whose main objective is to serve as reference, at both national and international levels, to respond more timely and effectively to the needs in a fast evolving crisis situation. It provides important information on critical aspects such as pesticides registered in the affected countries for locust control, technical specifications of recommended equipment, suppliers, standard contracts for aerial operators and consultants to reinforce the response capacities in the field, contact lists of important partners, rosters of consultants, etc. The eLERT should help people and agencies to act more effectively in coping with locust threats, thus preventing damage to the livelihoods of the rural population.