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Desert Locust reporting

Affected countries are kindly reminded to make sure that results are sent to FAO HQ within 48 hours of the end of the survey or control operations, even if no locusts were found. Country reports should arrive at FAO by the last day of the month if the information is to be included in the FAO bulletin for the current month; otherwise, it will not appear until the next Bulletin. Please send all reports by email ([email protected]) or facsimile (+39 06 570 55271). Do not send reports to individual staff members at FAO HQ.

Reports should be sent even if no locusts were found or if no surveys were conducted.

Desert Locust warning levels

To keep the world informed of the seriousness of the current locust situation, the Locust Group uses a colour-coded scheme on the LocustWatch home page: green for CALM, yellow for CAUTION, orange for THREAT and red for DANGER. The levels indicate the perceived risk or threat of current Desert Locust infestations to crops. Associated actions for each level are suggested. Please let us have your feedback on the usefulness of this scheme and any suggested improvements.


Send reports to FAO HQ.
[email protected]
+39-06-570-55271 (fax)