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Technical workshop: The drivers and impacts of migration and labour mobility in origins and destinations

Building the evidence base for policies that promote safe, orderly and regular people’s and labour mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development



1. Understand the diverse patterns, drivers and impacts of migration and labor mobility to address challenges for achieving sustainable livelihoods transformation, food security and nutrition and poverty reduction.

2. Promote multisector policy approaches to the development of rural areas and rural-urban linkages to facilitate rural transformation and agricultural and food systems’ transitions for economies and societies at large.

The workshop will bring together researchers and policy makers from around the world in an effort to provide evidence, promote understanding, enhance dialogue on migration, labor and people’s mobility for poverty reduction and sustainable development.

Relevant areas of work refer to micro and macro research including:

  • Demographic and social dynamics, urbanization processes and migratory patterns.
  • The role of shocks, conflicts, climate change and risk-coping mechanisms (or absence thereof).
  • Migration and labor mobility for structural, rural and agrarian transformations.
  • Social and economic impacts and contributions of migrants in origins and destinations.
  • Challenges and potential in rural origins and agricultural and food systems for job creation.
  • Patterns of farm and non-farm income and employment diversification. 
  • The role of land tenure patterns and land distribution.
  • Migration and territorial, urban planning and agriculture and food systems challenges.
  • The role of natural resource endowment and water availability and their governance systems.
  • Agricultural productivity and the role of capital, technology innovation, adaptation and diffusion.
  • The role of infrastructure, market access, rural-urban linkages and territorial development.

Papers presented at the workshop will be published in FAO’s working paper series, as well as in book form as proceedings of the workshop.



Transformation / 11:00-12:30 / Sheikh Zayed Center

pdf Why secondary towns can be important for poverty reduction: A migrant’s perspective
by Luc Christiaensen, Bert Ingelaere, Joachim De Weerdt and Ravi Kanbur

pdf Rural-rural mobility, land and labor markets in Zambia
by Jordan Chamberlin, Nicholas J. Sitko and T.S. Jayne

pdf Social insurance barriers to economic growth
by Leandro De Magalhaes, Dongya Koh, Raul Santaeulalia-Llopis and Yu Zheng

 / 11:00-12:30 / Iran room

pdf Global migration in the 20th and 21st centuries: The unstoppable force of demography
by Thu Hien Dao, Frederic Docquier, Mathilde Maurel and Pierre Schaus

pdf What is the link between hunger and migration?
by David Laborde, Livia Bizikova, Tess Lallemant and Carin Smaller

pdf The role of public investment in agriculture in shaping rural-urban youth migration patterns 
of sub-Saharan Africa
by Martina Improta and Paul Winters

 / 11:00-12:30 / Espace Gabon

pdf The influence of climate variability on internal migration flows in South Africa
by Marina Mastrorillo, Rachel Licker, Pratikshya Bohra-Mishra, Giorgio Fagiolo, Lyndon D. Estes 
and Michael Oppenheimer

pdf Commodity price volatility and migration: Evidence from rural Ethiopia
by Yu Na Lee

Migration Impacts 1
 / 13:30-15:00 / Sheikh Zayed Center

pdf Moving towards a better future for your children? The impact of maternal migration on child-wellbeing 
in Tanzania
by Lara Cockx

pdf Emerging patterns of labour mobility in rural India: evidence on trends and processes from a longitudinal case study in Palanpur (Uttar Pradesh)
by Floriane Bolazzi

pdf Return migration and social mobility in MENA: Evidence from labor market panel surveys
by Vladimir Hlasny and Shireen Al Azzawi

Migration Impacts 2
 / 13:30-15:00 / Iran Room

pdf Impacts of relative deprivation on occupational choices of rural youth in Ethiopia
by Tekalign Sakketa and Niclas Gerber

pdf Child nutritional status: Effects of remittances and maternal characteristics
by Antoine F. Dedewanou and Hamed Sambo

pdf Disentangling the impacts of international migration on household food and nutrition security: 
Evidence from Bangladesh
by Donato Romano and Silvio Traverso

Migration Impacts 3
 / 13:30-15:00 / Espace Gabon

pdf Migration and labor force needs in modern agriculture: What drives states to implement temporary programs? A comparison between the case of Huelva (Spain) and Piana del Sele (Italy)
by Yoan Molinero Gerbeau, Gennaro Avallone and Ana López-Sala

pdf Immigrant workforce in Italian agriculture: A farm-level analysis
by Silvia Coderoni, E. Baldoni and R. Esposti

pdf Farm typologies employing foreign workers in Italy: An analysis by means of micro-data census 
by Concetta Cardillo, Silvia Coderoni, Maria Carmela Macrì and Maria Angela Perito

Panel discussion / 15:30-17:00 / Sheikh Zayed Center

• Kostas Stamoulis (Chair), Assistant Director General, Economic and Social Department, FAO
• Valerie Mueller, School of Politics and Global Studies, Arizona State University
• J. Edward Taylor, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of California, Davis
• Frank Laczko, Director, Global Migration Data Analysis Centre, IOM
• Solveigh Hieronimus, McKinsey & Co., Refugees and migration, Welfare and Employment in Europe
• Markus Goldstein, Lead Economist, World Bank, Gender Innovation Lab