Agrifood Economics

Policy orientations for food security resilience with gender sensitivity in the Gambia

Year: 2023
Author(s): FAO

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief, No. 63.

This brief summarizes the findings of the working paper Resilience to food insecurity and gender differential decomposition in the Gambia, which aims to analyse the key drivers of household resilience to food insecurity and assess differences in resilience capacity and food security indexes across male- and female-headed households. It identifies key drivers of these differentials at the national, urban and rural areas in the Gambia, by using Gambian Integrated Household Surveys on consumption expenditure and poverty-level assessment 2015–2016.

Publication type: Policy brief
Country coverage: Gambia
Region: Africa
ISSN: 2520-6540 (online) / 2520-6532 (print)