Agrifood Economics



The new Shiny RIMA web-based tool is part of the framework of the resilience measurement and analyses conducted by the RIMA team in the Agrifood Economics Division, in which FAO has been at the forefront of efforts to measure resilience...


The Monitoring and Analysing Food and Agricultural Policies (MAFAP) programme, an agricultural policy monitoring and analysis initiative within FAO’s Agrifood Economics Division (ESA), has been awarded a new 5-year grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, totalling USD...


Bioeconomy for sustainable food and agriculture

What does that mean?

It means using biological resources,* processes and innovations to help transform agrifood systems so that they are more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable, while supporting the development of a fair and green economy...


Support for rural Armenians helps them face the COVID-19 pandemic with more confidence


Improving diets, nutrition and livelihoods for rural families in Kyrgyzstan

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