Économie agroalimentaire

National crop output assessment May /June 2003

Année: 2003
Auteur(s): Raphy Favre, Anthony Fitzherbert, Javier Escobedo
In May and June 2003, the MAAH, MRRD, FAO and WFP conducted a National Crop Output Assessment (NCOA) covering more than 100 districts across the country. The NCOA is the most comprehensive crop assessment undertaken since the SCA agricultural survey in the early 1990s. The NCOA was followed by the annual joint FAO/WFP Crop Output Assessment Mission (CFSAM) who visited the country between the 15th June and the 8th July 2003 . The CFSAM took the NCOA data in the field and further cross-checked the findings through field measurements, farmer's interviews, discussions with local authorities and organisations active at local level. Taking into consideration latest agricultural observations and recent satellite imageries, minor adjustments were made on the NCOA database. The NCOA and CFSAM reports have thus been harmonised.
Type de document: Étude technique