Économie agroalimentaire

Adapting to rising temperatures: farm practices and policy options in Uganda

Année: 2021
Auteur(s): FAO

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief, No. 34.

Climate change is leading to a rise in global temperatures, which poses a major threat to agriculture production, and to the welfare of smallholder farmers. Identifying sustainable farming practices to reduce the sensitivity of Ugandan agriculture to rising temperatures is critical for safeguarding the livelihoods of farmers. This brief provides evidence on the positive impacts of organic fertilizer application, coffee-banana intercropping and cereal-legume intercropping on crop production value under conditions of high temperatures, and considers policy options to support their sustained adoption in Uganda and elsewhere.

The findings in this brief have been adapted from the FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Paper 21-02 Adapting to high temperatures: evidence on the impacts of sustainable agricultural practices in Uganda

Thème: Climat
Type de document: Note de politique
Pays++++: Uganda
Région: Africa