Économie agroalimentaire

Guiding policies and investments to reduce agriculture-led deforestation in Viet Nam

Expanding beef and dairy sectors, while reducing deforestation risks
Année: 2022
Auteur(s): Ilicic, J., Crespi, M.G., Maggio, G., Kwon, J., Nguyen, H.T.N., Mamidanna, S. & Ignaciuk, A.
Éditeur: FAO

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Technical Study, No. 21.

The study unpacks the potential, current and future, linkages between beef and dairy development and deforestation, using Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces in Viet Nam as case study, where the beef and dairy production increases are important and potential impact on the primary forests is of particular concern. It shows how beef and dairy expansion creates demand for additional land, which combined with existing land constraints, increases risk of further deforestation. The study also proposes possible entry points for developing deforestation-free value chains, which are key for decision-makers to enact new policies to overcome the dual challenge of agriculture growth without forest loss, which is likely to intensify if no action is taken.

Type de document: Étude technique
Pays++++: Viet Nam
Région: Asia and the Pacific
ISBN: 978-92-5-137077-3
ISSN: 2521-7259 (online) / 2521-7240 (print)