Économie agroalimentaire

Sustaining restoration of the Great Green Wall through sustainable livelihoods in Nigeria

Année: 2023
Auteur(s): FAO

FAO Agricultural Development Economics Policy Brief, No. 67.

Evaluation of the Action Against Desertification Programme (AAD) in Northern Nigeria. To address the lack of baseline information, a counterfactual scenario was built based on ex ante spatial program information and a combination of machine learning and quasi-experimental impact evaluation techniques. We find that large-scale, bottom-up-led, land restoration in Northern Nigeria led to the adoption of more climate-resilient options. Households participating in the programme increased the commercialization of livestock by-products and non-timber forest products (NTFPs) as promoted activities targeted local market opportunities. Also, changes in livelihoods did not result in food insecurity, to the contrary, they improved it.

The findings of this brief have been adapted from the FAO Agricultural Development Economics Working Paper 23-06 Greening for the greater good – The case of Action Against Desertification in Northern Nigeria.
Type de document: Note de politique
Pays++++: Nigeria
Région: Africa