Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (IFSRI)

Iranian Fisheries Science Research Institute (established in 1918)  with 100 years history and experience cover several applied branch  in fisheries and aquaculture consist of Reproduction and nutrition, Biology, Stock assessment, Aquatics Health & Diseases, Biotechnology, Genetics, Ecology and Fish processing. The IFSRI manage and supervise 11 affiliated research Institutes/Centers, 85 labs, having more than 200 scientific board and research staff, 5 research vessels is considered as the biggest scientific network in fisheries research at National and Regional level.

IFSRI is able to get involved conducting regional and international fisheries projects, hydrological and limnological studies,  biological products from aquatics, stock assessment  of  aquatic resources, Biotechnology and Breeding program for genetic improvement in farmed aquatics, Sustainable fisheries Restocking program and management program.

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