TECHINFORMI online seminar on AGRIS and AGROVOC


On 25 June 2021 the Institute for Scientific and Technical Information - TECHINFORMI of Georgian Technical University (GTU) organized an online seminar on how to “Increase the visibility and accessibility of the agricultural data produced in Georgia through the AGRIS and AGROVOC multilingual thesaurus”. The target audience was the agricultural community of Georgia. 

TECHINFORMI is the AGRIS Country Hub in Georgia, and regularly adds bibliographic records such as publications, conference materials, monographs, and researches  in the database. In addition, TECHINFORMI is the AGROVOC editor of Georgian terms.


The main goal of the seminar was to increase the visibility and accessibility of agricultural data produced in Georgia using AGRIS and AGROVOC. The seminar was presented by TECHINFORMI director and deputy director Dr. Nelly Makhviladze and Dr. Marina Razmadze.

More than 70 participants from different regions of Georgia attended the seminar. Journal publishers, agricultural specialists and librarians participated in the event. The AGROVOC, AGRIS and AGORA programme manager at FAO, Ms. Imma Subirats, also attended the seminar.