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Global consultation on integration of data and information for epidemic intelligence and decision-support in disease surveillance

Hybrid Event, 16/04/2024 - 18/04/2024

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) will host a global consultation from 16 to 18 April 2024, focusing on the integration of data and information for epidemic intelligence and decision-support in disease surveillance. Experts and stakeholders at national and regional levels will convene in Rome to explore strategies for integrating databases and information tools and systems to support functional and interoperable national animal and One Health information.

Through the Emergency Prevention System for Animal Health (EMPRES-AH) program FAO assists countries to prevent and control transboundary animal and zoonotic diseases. EMPRES-AH  focuses on developing strategies and policies for , One Health intelligence and Early Warning, and information sharing for prevention, early detection and response.

A cornerstone of EMPRES-AH’s initiatives is the EMPRES-i+ Global Animal Disease Information System, a web-based platform designed to facilitate secure disease tracking, intelligence, and analysis of health threats and access to animal disease information. Continuous efforts are underway to integrate EMPRES-i+ with data sources, analytical tools, and visualization mechanisms to improve disease intelligence and support more informed decision-making.

The upcoming consultation aims to develop a roadmap for integrating databases, information systems, and risk forecasting tools into EMPRES-i+, all while prioritizing the user perspective. Participants will engage in in-depth discussions to identify needs and opportunities for fostering integration and contributing to a more robust and collaborative approach for epidemic intelligence and disease surveillance.

Overall objective
Explore opportunities for the operational integration of EMPRES-i+ with other data sources, analytical tools, and visualization mechanisms to strengthen the production and use of One Health intelligence at national, regional and global levels.

Specific objectives

  • Discuss, from a user perspective, the requirements for integration of data, analytical tools, and visualization mechanisms into EMPRES-i+, aiming to optimize the generation and interpretation of animal health intelligence information for informed decision making at national level.
  • Collaborate to identify integration opportunities between EMPRES-i+ and other data sources and tools, considering both operational and system perspectives.
  • Evaluate the needs and feasibility of integration to establish a roadmap of priorities.

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