Animal health

Situation updates

Transboundary and high impact animal diseases affect health, livelihoods, food and nutrition security and trade. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is committed to supporting disease intelligence to assist the prevention and control of high impact animal and zoonotic diseases, while also monitoring newly emerging pathogens.

The FAO Emergency Prevention System for Animal Health (EMPRES-AH) facilitates access to timely animal disease information and intelligence, with robust disease tracking and monitoring, and comprehensive analysis of health threats. The Organization thereby supports early warning, prevention, detection, early reaction and response to transboundary and high impact animal diseases, and emerging zoonoses through timely and comprehensive disease situation updates and alerts, featuring data and maps from the FAO EMPRES Global Animal Disease Information System (EMPRES-i).

As part of its commitment to maintaining disease intelligence and early warning, FAO issues regular disease situation updates on a number of key transboundary, epidemic, endemic and emerging diseases. These contain a list of newly observed outbreaks, epidemiological situation analysis, compilations of the latest relevant publications, technical guidance and One Health recommendations, and updates from FAO field projects, useful links and more.

The disease situation updates are produced by the FAO Emergency Prevention System for Animal Health (EMPRES-AH) as part of its mission to increase global disease intelligence.