Building the #ZeroHunger Generation

Unit 4: Activities

In this section you can find a series of activities related to the migration learning path. Click on the thumbnails below to download and print the files.

Take a closer look

Kids will have to find out which page each of the drawings below belongs to. Then complete the sentences to the right of each image.

17 Goals for a #ZeroHunger Generation

How old will you be in 2030? Did you know that 193 countries have agreed to end hunger and create a better world for all by then? What can we do?

The heart of the matter

When kids are familiar with some of the causes of migration and how FAO is helping, they can answer the questions in this activity.

#ZeroHunger passport

Once kids have completed all activities, we want them to become Zero Hunger Citizenz! Follow the instructions to complete a Zero Hunger Passport.