Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

New Box: Livestock as a tool for adaptation

Regions identified as the most vulnerable to climate change, are also regions where farmers and rural communities rely the most on livestock for food

New module: Gender-specific impact of climate-smart agriculture practice

There is a need to promote careful gender-responsive programming and implementation for climate-smart agriculture initiatives

Financing opportunities for climate-smart agriculture

The climate finance landscape features many different funding channels with different objectives and eligibility criteria

Developing sustainable food systems and value chains for climate-smart agriculture

All activities in the core value chain are addressed, including the production, aggregation, processing, distribution, consumption and disposal of food

Updated section: Overview of the planning, monitoring, evaluation and learning cycle within a climate-smart agriculture programme

How to design and implement monitoring and evaluation for climate-smart agriculture programmes and projects

The Climate-Smart Agriculture Sourcebook comprises a wide range of knowledge and expertise on the concept of CSA to better guide policy makers, programme managers, sectoral experts, academics, extensionists, as well as practitioners to make the agricultural sectors (crops, livestock, fisheries and forestry) more sustainable and productive, while responding to the challenges of climate change and food security.

The 3 sections of the Sourcebook

The section is made up of three introductory modules that provide guidance on general climate change adaption approaches, why we need to adapt and how to successfully adapt to climate change through the CSA approach. + read more

This section has been expanded to ten modules and has been divided in two parts, first covering modules relating to agriculture production in the different subsectors (crops, livestock, forestry, fisheries and aquaculture) and how climate change impacts each subsector directly. + read more

The section has been reshaped to provide real step-wise guidance on 'how' to implement, support and achieve, climate-smart agriculture across all frameworks required through Climate-Smart Agriculture. + read more

About the new edition

First published in 2013, the CSA Sourcebook has undergone a complete revision for the launch of this new digital platform as the Second Edition, 2017 -- where any section or module can be updated to reflect new scientific insights, case studies or policy developments and links are provided to relevant external resources. + About the Sourcebook

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