Climate Smart Agriculture Sourcebook

Enhancing capacities for a country-owned transition towards CSA

Enabling Frameworks

TECA Exchange Groups: Technologies and practical advice for small-scale producers

TECA is an online platform that facilitates knowledge exchange. TECA offers a well-managed information system for documenting and sharing applied technologies and practices for agriculture. The platform includes technologies and practices for disaster risk management and climate change responses, apiculture, aquaculture, crop and livestock production, natural resource management, agricultural mechanization, post-harvest handling and marketing. It supports the further development, testing, adaptation, sharing, and adoption of technologies for small-scale farmers. FAO technical divisions and FAO project partners document technologies and practices that have been successfully applied by small-scale producers, and share them through TECA. Users can provide comments on featured technologies, which are communicated back to the providers for information and response. The central TECA platform can be used for sharing knowledge in English, French and Spanish. The information is presented in ways that allow for easy searches, even for rural users with low bandwidth. TECA modules can be provided for decentralized use and adapted to the local context (e.g. local languages). Moreover, TECA hosts discussion groups (see for instance on discussion on “Farmer Innovation Exchange” ) through a group facilitator who increases awareness of the platform among potential users; brings individuals together and identifies their common interests; initiates discussions; encourages members to contribute; finds external experts or knowledge when a request for information and advice cannot be addressed by group members themselves; and provides technical assistance relating to the use of the platform. 

Source: FAO, 2013b; FAO TECA team