Климатически оптимизированное сельское хозяйство

Policy support

Support to countries in creating the required policy, financial and enabling environment.

FAO's support to countries in creating the required policy, financial and enabling environment provides farmers, foresters and fishers with the knowledge and access to resources and services to move towards more sustainable, climate change resilient and economically viable production systems.

FAO’s Economics and Policy Innovations for Climate-Smart Agriculture (EPIC) programme works with governments, research centres, universities and other institutional partners to support the transition to CSA by using sound economic and policy analysis.

One of the EPIC programme's project's “Climate-Smart Agriculture: capturing the synergies between mitigation, adaptation and food security” looks at the interrelations between climate change and food security and works with governments, local institutions and universities in some of the poorest regions of Malawi, Viet Nam and Zambia.

The aim of the project has been to:

  1. Provide an evidence base for identifying, developing and implementing practices, policies and investments for CSA
  2. Formulate country-owned strategic frameworks for CSA activities
  3. Formulate CSA investment proposals and identify possible financing sources
  4. Build capacity to plan, implement and finance CSA on the basis of evidence and results provided by project activities