Paradise Foods Limited

Objective(s) of the engagement

FAO and Paradise Foods Ltd. aim to promote more inclusive and sustainable cocoa production value chains while creating income generation opportunities for smallholder farmers in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The partnership will support smallholder farmers by improving the quality of their products, facilitating better market access and developing product certification schemes.

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Life
Asia and the Pacific, Papua New Guinea
Engagement Mechanisms
Policy dialogue, Capacity development, Advocacy and communication
Progress to date
  • Joint implementation of the STREIT programme in supporting local micro-, medium and small enterprises (MSMEs) in the development of  sustainable and inclusive cocoa value chain is planned through the partnership
  • Provision of expertise to support the development of appropriate certification schemes for smallholder producers of cocoa
  • Establishment of the Cocoa Technical Working Group, which meets on a regular basis and represents stakeholders from the UN, national government, the Cocoa Board and private sector.
  • Collaboration and joint support for development of relevant certification schemes for smallholder producers and traders within the Sepik provinces, increasing the long-term marketability of PNG cocoa products

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