Danone S.A.

Objective(s) of the engagement

Danone and FAO aim at contributing towards  eliminate hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition; enable inclusive and efficient agricultural food systems and increase resilience of livelihoods to threats and crisis. The two partners will prioritize scaling up sustainable food practices and providing people with access to more diverse and healthier foods. The partnership will facilitate sharing data and knowledge in the areas of nutrition, food safety and responsible investments in agriculture.

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Nutrition, Environment, Life
Global, Africa, Europe and Central Asia, Near East and North Africa, Egypt
Engagement Mechanisms
Technical cooperation, Knowledge and research, Innovation, Data sharing and dissemination
Progress to date
  • Danone participated in the FAO-OECD pilot project on implementation of the OECD-FAO Guidance for Responsible Agricultural Supply Chains, aimed at understanding the implications and benefits of applying the guidance to strengthen responsible sourcing and supply chain management practices in 2019
  • FAO and Danone have been collaborating on sharing of data on food consumption and nutrient intake to improve dietary knowledge and foster the adoption of healthier eating habits underway
  • FAO participated in Danone's Global Food Safety Meeting, and the two partners have been collaborating in the area of food safety foresight to identify new drivers and emerging issues (e.g. new methods/technologies in food contact materials as well as new trends in food allergens)
  • FAO and Danone have jointly selected specific courses of interest to Danone staff, from the wealth of existing courses and since May 2018, Danone staff had been benefiting from selected FAO elearning course  available free of charge, as a global public good, through the multilingual FAO elearning Academy:  https://elearning.fao.org/
  • FAO and Danone are exploring jointly the opportunities in select countries in the Middle East and Eastern Europe to build AMR stewardship in small and medium sized dairy farms- engaging farmers, veterinarians and also the pharmaceutical industry to explore their business models
  • FAO and Danone are collaborating to identify new trends and drivers of protein consumption and the potential for emerging issues in the area of food allergens. This is intended to help drive awareness and preparations to address future challenges

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