Objective(s) of the engagement

FAO and Rabobank aim at supporting small-scale producers (smallholders) through better access to financial services. The partnership promotes public-private partnerships along the food chain as a means to reduce food loss and waste, improveproduction by providing farmers with the best raw materials and inputs, and strengthen farmers' organizations and cooperatives by offering them better access to technology and other services. Rabobank and FAO’s joint work focuses on formulating and implementing new initiatives, projects and joint activities at the country level, and supports capacity development through joint initiatives and the organization and participation in joint events.

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Nutrition, Environment, Life
Africa, Europe and Central Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania
Engagement Mechanisms
Technical cooperation, Knowledge and research, Data sharing and dissemination, Support for financing and investment
Progress to date
  • Joint design and implementation of field projects aiming to increase access to finance and support investments for smallholders in Tanzania, Ethiopia and Kenya through collaboration with Rabobank Foundation
  • Trainings on the System of Rice Intensification (SRI), water management and post-harvest management practices, the introduction of high-yield seed varieties and other inputs, and the use of labour-saving technologies conducted in Tanzania
  • Supported the provision of financial and business skills trainings, access to credit support provided to producers, and the establishment of village community bank which has enabled farmers to save and lend money within the community in Tanzania
  • Jointly supported the elaboration of a financing model for the farmers in Kenya
  • Supported a feasibility study of cassava-processing potential and the construction of a storage facility with commercial linkages in Ethiopia
  • Supported the introduction of the Cooperative Assessment Matrix (CAM) – a tool for institutional assessment of producer organizations (POs) to help micro-finance institutions in the credit assessment process in Ethiopia

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Country of registry
Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
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