HELP Logistics (Kühne Foundation)

Objective(s) of the engagement

The MoU between FAO and HELP Logistics (subsidiary of Kühne-Stiftung/Kuehne Foundation) provides a framework for collaboration in the area of humanitarian logistics. It focuses primarily on preparedness and logistics in emergency and protracted crises contexts, strengthening and promoting joint actions to assess food value chains, build FAO's capacity and optimize logistics procedures to reduce costs and increase resilience.

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Nutrition, Life
Africa, Europe and Central Asia, Near East and North Africa, Global or Regional, Somalia, South Sudan, United Republic of Tanzania
Engagement Mechanisms
Capacity development, Technical cooperation, Advocacy and communication
Progress to date
  • An assessment of FAO field staff training needs and of the supply chain operational process to identify areas of potential improvement was carried out
  • Logistics trainings to strengthen logistical functions and supply chain management of FAO’s operations in South Sudan and Tanzania were undertaken
  • A regional training in Somalia in December 2017 was conducted, where over twenty FAO staff from various country offices in Africa participated in supply chain simulations, warehousing and transportation exercises and warehouse visits
  • A Food Supply Chain Analysis Tool (FSA), a three-layer tool for upstream, midstream and downstream logistics designed for use by urban planners and municipalities was developed
  • HELP Logistics performed supply chain management (SCM) assessments in several countries with challenging operational contexts, helping FAO country offices to improve business processes and emergency preparedness.

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