World Union of Wholesale Markets (WUWM)

Objective(s) of the engagement

FAO and the WUWM will focus on reducing food loss and waste and improving food markets and distribution systems. The partnership will carry out joint initiatives, activities and programmes in the following areas of cooperation: knowledge development and knowledge sharing; dissemination of good practices; awareness and advocacy; and promotion of capacity development to reduce food loss and waste (FLW) and the organization of and participation in joint events.

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Nutrition
Global, Europe and Central Asia, Global or Regional
Engagement Mechanisms
Capacity development, Knowledge and research, Advocacy and communication
Progress to date
  • Joint advocacy on the Inaugural observance of the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste in 2020
  • Collaboratively conducting a study and guideline, “Upgrading wholesale food markets for food system resilience in the 21st century”, which will extend across several FAO units, and with FAO's partners at the World Bank, EBRD, ADB, AfDB, among others
  • Through webinars and workshops sharing best practices and exploring how to improve wholesale markets with collaborative efforts 
  • FAO Latin America and WUWM's South American Group FLAMA have established a study on the effects of Covid-19 on Latin American wholesale markets and best approaches
  • Joint implementation of a virtual Food Safety Workshop for Asian Wholesale Markets
  • WUWM contributed to the development of the Voluntary Code of Conduct for Food Loss and Waste Reduction

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Netherlands (Kingdom of the)
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