Asociación Española de Mayoristas, Importadores, Transformadores y Exportadores de Productos de la Pesca y Acuicultura (CONXEMAR)

Objective(s) of the engagement

This partnership aims to improve knowledge of the markets for fishery and aquaculture products, especially in the frozen food sector; to support consumer access to these products in developing countries; and facilitate decision-making by operators worldwide. The partners will jointly develop trainings and promote research, technology and innovation related to food safety, quality or any other technical area of fisheries and aquaculture that has the potential to improves competitiveness of companies, increase the supply for consumers and foster the development of the sector, especially in developing countries.

Thematic area of partnership
Global, Europe and Central Asia, Global or Regional
Engagement Mechanisms
Policy dialogue, Capacity development, Knowledge and research, Advocacy and communication
Progress to date
  • Co-organizing the annual World Congresses on Whitefish, Cephalopods, Shrimp and Climate Change since 2012, where information on markets and trade and sustaiable  practices in the fisheries and aquaculture sector are promoted
  • CONXEMAR has contributed funds to FAO for the organization of different international events related to inter alia fisheries including fish trade, fisheries sustainability, climate change, the celebration of the 20th Anniversary of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and fish and nutrition. Conxemar also sponsored the celebration of the Fisheries Symposium organized by FAO in 2019
  • Information and knowledge sharing on different topics related to the fisheries and aquaculture sector, including market, trade, sustainable practices 

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