KT Corporation

Objective(s) of the engagement

The FAO and KT Corporation partnership aims to foster technological innovation and youth entrepreneurship, promote the use of technologies and innovations for the improved efficiency and inclusiveness of development processes, and support value chains related to agribusiness management and digital agriculture. The partnership aims to create more opportunities for youth to engage in smart farming – applying modern information and communication technologies to agriculture - and other forms of agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship.

Thematic area of partnership
Global, Asia and the Pacific, Global or Regional
Engagement Mechanisms
Capacity development, Knowledge and research, Innovation
Progress to date
  • The partnership expectd to promote Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for youth practicing smart farming to increase and imporve production of food and other agricultural products, such as fuel, fibre, textiles, seeds and feed
  • In 2019 Korea Telecom (KT) CEO partiicpated as speaker at the FAO Digital transformation seminar with the objective of fostereing exchange among stakeholders on the challenges that digital transformation brings to agriculture and rural systems, and to jointly explore pathways for assessing both the risk and opportunities from the digital transformation along the value chains

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Country of registry
Republic of Korea
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