Grow Asia

Objective(s) of the engagement

This partnership takes a coordinated approach to increasing the productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability of smallholder agriculture, leveraging Grow Asia’s network of farmers, the private sector, governments, NGOs and other key stakeholders.  The partners will focus on strengthening the capacity of smallholder value chains and agribusinesses, supporting women’s economic empowerment, enabling greater participation of the private sector in policy dialogues, promoting responsible investments in food, agriculture and forestry, and contributing to the ASEAN Action Plan on Fall Armyworm Control.

Thematic area of partnership
Production, Nutrition, Environment, Life
Global, Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Viet Nam
Engagement Mechanisms
Policy dialogue, Knowledge and research, Advocacy and communication, Data sharing and dissemination, SDG advocacy
Progress to date
  • FAO and Grow Asia have had a long-standing, though informal, collaboration. Grow Asia led the private sector consultation during FAO’s 35th Session of the Asia Pacific Regional Conference in September 2020.
  • Leveraging Grow Asia’s regional and national networks, the partnership is working to implement the ASEAN Guidelines on Promoting Responsible Investment in Food, Agriculture and Forestry and the ASEAN Action Plan on Fall Armyworm Control; advancing the economic empowerment of women in agriculture through multistakeholder initiatives; and enhancing the representation and participation of private sector entities, particularly SMEs, as key stakeholders in policy dialogue and policy consultation processes.

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