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Country Leaflet

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SymbolTitleFromtoTotal Budget
UTF /CHI/059/CHI Fortalecimiento técnico de los Gobiernos Regionales para la planificación y gestión de territorios especiales para un desarrollo rural sostenible e inclusivo 2023 2024134,945$
UTF /CHI/061/CHI Fortalecimiento del sistema nacional de inocuidad y calidad alimentaria 2023 202429,749$
UTF /CHI/062/CHI Contribución al mejoramiento de la Política y Programa de alimentación escolar en Chile 2023 2024232,197$
GCP /CHI/11220P/GFF Scaling-up regenerative practices for the recovery and improvements of soils, biodiversity, and associated ecosystem services in the Chilean agricultural sector (Chile) (PPG) 2024 2025150,000$
GCP /CHI/056/GFF First Biennial Transparency Report (IBTR) and Fifth National Communication 2023 2026517,000$
GCP /CHI/060/GCR Development of a Long-term National Strategy of Green Infrastructure for Urban and Peri-urban areas 2023 2025552,932$
GCP /CHI/11208P/GFF Strengthening inter-institutional coordination for the mainstreaming of biodiversity conservation in national, regional and local public policies in Chile (PPG) 2023 2024150,000$
GCP /CHI/746889P/GFF Strengthening Chile Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) Transparency Framework Phase Two (C (PPG) 2023 202450,000$
GCP /CHI/050/GFF Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services at the Landscape Scale on Productive Agroforestry Areas and their Natural Environment (FSP) 2022 20275,674,032$
GCP /CHI/054/GCR Elaboración del Plan de Adaptación Nacional al Cambio Climático para el sector de Recursos Hídricos 2022 20261,354,839$
GCP /CHI/057/GCR Regional and local capacity building for the implementation of the Climate Change Framework Law in C 2022 2025603,060$
GCP /CHI/043/GFF Strengthening management and governance for the conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biodiversity in coastal marine ecosystems in Chile (FSP) 2021 20253,502,968$
GCP /CHI/050/GCR Actualización del Plan de Adaptación Nacional al Cambio Climático y generación de componente de fin 2021 2024552,896$
GCP /CHI/052/GCR Updating the Climate Change National Adaptation Plan for Biodiversity 2021 2024396,314$
GCP /CHI/048/GCF Chile REDD-plus results-based payments for results period 2014-2016 2020 202663,607,552$
GCP /CHI/041/GFF Establish a Network of National Important Agricultural Heritage Sites (NIAHS) (FSP) 2018 20243,046,347$